Some experiments with SimpleCV - object detection by color

Computer vision is way far from my daily interest. But last weekend I participated in a semi-hackathon, developing code that aims to detect and track cards by their color.

Credits deserve to this guy. I've used his code as a reference and a starting point.

It is my first experience …

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Web Audio API - some thoughts and experiments

For me, being able to use advance audio programming on the web looks like a dream just a couple of weeks ago, and I'm not the only one for sure. Doing audio programming, I've mainly experienced with Max/MSP and Pd but my interest in shared music creation / consumption and …

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In the last few weeks I was participating in the first session of "Hackita", which means "The classroom" in Hebrew. This project aims to bring people from different backgrounds to learn and develop open source web applications together. Furthermore, the project is part of The Public Knowledge Workshop, and as …

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Compare food prices in Jerusalem - a new mini-web-project

Project screenshot

Two things happened recently, I've moved to the holly city and started to learn Python. Here are the consequences: a mini web app to compare food prices, written in Django and deployed to pythonanywhere, for my own purpose and for my students friends.

Jerusalem MarketPrices

More features will be added …

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MusiGali video demonstration

A screen capture of MusiGali Ableton Live set. All the details are here.

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MusiGali - EEG controlled music for Brain Tech Israel 2013

A project by Giori Politi, Sharon Duek, Jonathan Abramson and myself which developed / composed especially for the Brain Tech Israel 2013 conference this week. In this project we created a musical soundtrack based on mind waves transmitted from an EEG headset. The generated musical line is parameterized according to levels …

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Find nearby Bluetooth devices with BT-logger

With this new Android app you can get information about nearby Bluetooth devices. The application collect the name, address, RSSI value and time of discovery of nearby Bluetooth devices and write them to file in \BluetoothData directory on the main device storage. The application primary use is to evaluate my …

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Poster presentation for HCI International 2013

Next week I'm going to present my master thesis in HCI International 2013 conference in Las Vegas. The poster is already in printing: 42" x 60" with glossy finish. But for the most of you here is the original pdf. Comments are more than welcome.

Poster for HCI International 2013

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Some pictures from ISTAS'13

Here are some pictures from the conference, which was great by the way.

Presenting the project

Thanks for Alexander Hayes for the picture

My desc in the exhibition hall

Me presenting the system in the exhibition hall

Amber case thumbsup!

Looks like Amber Case likes interactive music :-)

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Slideshow of my thesis presentation

In this slideshow you can taste a little bit of how the system and the experiment looks like. This slideshow originally made for my presentation at ISTAS'13 (and it contains much better animations then what you can see here on the slideshare version :-) ), but I would be happy to present …

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