bibo, the command line reference manager, is in beta now!

bibo beta release banner

bibo is a command line reference manager with a single source of truth: the .bib file. It is inspired by beets. After 3 years in the making I believe it's ready for other people to use.

What are the advantages over mendeley / zotero / etc. you ask …

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The Krihelinator reached end-of-life

The Krihelinator RIP

After more than 4 years online, the Krihelinator was shut down today. The idea behind this project was to propose an alternative to github's trading page by highlighting projects with high contribution rate instead of stars. I'm a bit sorry to let this project go, as it was one of …

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New portfolio site

Yet again, I have a new portfolio site. Actually, it's just a redesign. Wanted to simplify the previous over-the-top site. Check it out at Here's a reminder for how the old one looked like.

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Intro to git workshop

A 4 hours introduction to git workshop for my PhD fellas. Based on an old git crash course blog post.

git logo


  • Keep your projects organized.
  • Collaborate with others.
  • Get involved with open source.

Command what?

Introduction to the command line. From now on, the rest is done there.

Configuring git …

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Dead of Winter: The Long Night - A DIY box insert

As if there were not enough different topics mashed together in the blog, here's another one. I'm into board games, and recently got Dead of Winter: The Long Night. This blog post is about the box the game came in, and what I did to make it usable.

Below you …

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Getting started with Python for data analysis

Python books covers

A few days ago another friend asked me to recommend reading materials to get started with python. Yesterday, I saw this tweet.

"When you’ve written the same code 3 times, write a function. When you’ve given the same in-person advice 3 times, write a blog post" - David Robinson‏

So here I am, writing this blog post.

A short disclaimer: I like learning from books, but I know that it doesn't work for everybody. So my recommendations …

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Python vs. elixir for a web-app wrapper for a script

Python vs. elixir

I'm a facing a project with the following requirements:

  • An existing script should be wrapped with a web server.
  • The script takes 10-30 seconds to run, so just let the user wait for it to complete.
  • Multiple users should be able to call the script concurrently.
  • Make sure to protect …

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DIY eurorack case

Final eurorack case.

I recently drawn into the rabbit hole of modular synthesis. This week I finished building my first eurorack case. It's a 3U 84hp skiff. Or in humans language, it is a relatively small, beginners sized case, to accommodate my first modules.

The plan

I have access to a laser cutter …

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git crash course

A really short introduction to git for my PhD fellas.

First, TryGit

Clone something

There are two ways to start to work in a git repository.

  • git clone to download a project into a new directory some_repo.
  • git init to make the current directory …

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Media and arts projects - part 2

The tapeless cassettes

In a previous post I wrote about my assignments for the sound recording module I took as part of my PhD. Here, I will present the projects of the Interactive Digital Multimedia Techniques module.

The tapeless cassettes

In the first major project of the module we were required to find …

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