My Jupyter (tmpnb) server and Thebe

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%matplotlib inline
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
from IPython.html.widgets import interact

def plot_sine(frequency=1.0, amplitude=1.0):
    plt.ylim(-1.0, 1.0)
    x = np.linspace(0, 10, 1000)
    plt.plot(x, amplitude …

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Writing a programming book? Don't compose an utility library!

I came across two books recently, in which the authors decided to write an utility library. The first book was Python in Practice, by Mark Summerfield (my opinion about the book can be found here), and the second, which I'm still reading, is Doing Bayesian Data Analysis, Second Edition, by …

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Python readings

I usually learn anything new by reading books. In fact, I got almost all of my python knowledge (which is not a lot, I'm just an apprentice programmer) by reading python books. A year ago I've started to learn web development from Udi Oron in Hackita (my impressions here), and …

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Participants movement tracking animations from my MA experiment #2

The following animated renditions are a byproduct of the video tracking an analysis of my MA thesis second experiment.

Experiment design

The figure above shows a schematic diagram of the experiment design. The videos are of session 1 to 3 of each of the groups (the last session wasn't analyzed). They have …

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Create teams easily with Xteams!

Playing volleyball

I've been playing volleyball recently with a group of amateur players. In the last two months the size of our group has increased so much that it became very hard to create teams. And if you think that size is the only issue I can assure you that there are …

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My research proposal

Baloon bundles on the dance floor

I've recently submitted my MA research proposal, titled: "Audio-Only Augmented Reality System for Social Interaction". Usually, research proposals aims to present the subject and describe the intents of the current research. This one is a bit more comprehensive, presenting a fully operated system I've developed, preliminary results of the system …

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Some experiments with SimpleCV - object detection by color

Computer vision is way far from my daily interest. But last weekend I participated in a semi-hackathon, developing code that aims to detect and track cards by their color.

Credits deserve to this guy. I've used his code as a reference and a starting point.

It is my first experience …

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Web Audio API - some thoughts and experiments

For me, being able to use advance audio programming on the web looks like a dream just a couple of weeks ago, and I'm not the only one for sure. Doing audio programming, I've mainly experienced with Max/MSP and Pd but my interest in shared music creation / consumption and …

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In the last few weeks I was participating in the first session of "Hackita", which means "The classroom" in Hebrew. This project aims to bring people from different backgrounds to learn and develop open source web applications together. Furthermore, the project is part of The Public Knowledge Workshop, and as …

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Compare food prices in Jerusalem - a new mini-web-project

Project screenshot

Two things happened recently, I've moved to the holly city and started to learn Python. Here are the consequences: a mini web app to compare food prices, written in Django and deployed to pythonanywhere, for my own purpose and for my students friends.

Jerusalem MarketPrices

More features will be added …

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